The Absurdist is the publishing arm of the non-profit National Program for the Humanities and Social Sciences (NPHSC), and is dedicated to collecting the greatest works of existential literary fiction and publishing them in crafted, immersive special editions. With a focus on modern and postmodern literature, and a fanaticism for art and design, we’re obsessed with crafting the ultimate reading experience.


The foundation of the The Absurdist Collection is the work of the masters: Nietzsche, Dostoyevsky, Camus, Sartre, Kafka, and Kierkegaard, with complimentary work from early explorers of the intersection between imagination and existence like Dante, Carol, Oz, Barrie and Wilde.


We work with the world-class designers and illustrators capable of meeting our rigorous standards to craft the complimentary art and design pieces that make Absurdist editions so immersive, moving, and experiential. These supplements help readers to understand Absurdist publications in the context of their time, and relative to other relevant thought. We believe The Absurdist Collection is the most significant archive of modern writing available to readers and lovers of literature in the world. We hope you enjoy.

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