Winter 2017 Photo Contest Rules

We're looking for beautiful photos of you bookish types reading things in places they don't belong. To enter the contest take an original photograph of a consenting human, reading a book inside a building, then post it social media using the hashtag #newbookoldbuilding or #oldbooknewbuilding depending on which you think is best. Make sure you tag us so we see it, and make sure you follow us so we can DM you. The winner will be announced April 2nd 2017.

Photo judging by *THE DICHOTOMIST

It's no secret we absurdists are big fans of dichotomies, so of course we're looking for plays with the contrast between old and new, modern and classic, meaning and absurdity, etc. For best results choose a great building and it's literary opposite.


In exchange for your for photo, we offer fame in absurdist bookdom. The 10 best photos will be featured and credited in our blog and on social media with a combined audience of about 10,000 eyes a month. You'll retain the rights to your work, but you'll agree to let us use it within the context of this contest.

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